Open Tandoor restaurant before photo

Open Tandoor Is Now Open For Business

We’re open! And we couldn’t be more excited to share the Open Tandoor experience.

Our dedication to creating the perfect balance of ingredients and freshly blended spices for our customers is what inspired us to start Open Tandoor. Our early success at our food cart (previously known as Portland Masala) told us, everybody wants high quality Indian food at a affordable price, but both factors weren’t there. We recognized the demand for Indian food and that is what led us to our ‘fine-casual’ business model. At it’s core, Open Tandoor brings you fine dining quality Indian food, served in a casual and fast manner. Apart from our pursuit for creating a magical taste, we focused on creating a bright and lively environment, with a modern and fresh design. From our orange chairs to our transparent tandoors, the experience of Open Tandoor is one that you won’t get anywhere else.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, this is a experience driven by people, for people. Our passion for helping others and making a real difference led us to partner with The Portland Kitchen, a non-profit focused on using food to build life skills for younger kids in a fun and loving environment. This partnership will involve donating a certain percentage of our grand opening sales to The Portland Kitchen, along with holding a classroom session for kids on the basics of Indian spices and making simple recipes at home. We are striving to create a positive culture, one that stands for love and respect for all things. At the end of the day, our mission is to exceed customer expectations and leave the most delightful feeling in your belly.